2017 VIP Membership

Purchasing this 2017 VIP membership will give you access to every loop pack released for the duration of 2017. Every time a new loop product is released, you will be emailed with an update including the new loop product.

$49.99 is an INTRODUCTORY PRICE, available to the first 10 VIP's only!

There are currently 906 MP3's included in the 2017 VIP membership pack.

Packs included:

Rock 101
Odd Time Rock
Heavy Alt Rock
Pop Punk
Strictly 7/8
This Is Gonna Herta
Free Pack V2
Freebie 1 - Cool Vibes
Freebie 2 - Happy Groove Metal
Freebie 3 - Jingle Bells
Freebie 4 - 7/8 Prog

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