Custom Drumless Loop

Custom Drumless Loop

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Is there something you really want to practice to but none of the existing loops quite work for you? Or do you want an exclusive loop nobody else has access to, possibly for a video performance, drum clinic, etc?

I will create a custom loop for you.

You can either leave it entirely up to me if you want a surprise, or you can choose some specifics:

- Mood (happy / sad / aggressive)
- Tempo (exact, or within a range, etc)
- Time signature
- Accenting a specific rhythm (notation or tab must be provided)
- Length

Once we have all this information, I will create a loop and send it to you for feedback. 1 revision will be provided based on any feedback, if necessary.

The loop will be sent you in 2 versions - with and without click.

I am including 2 purchase options:

Basic - I will create the loop according to your specifications, and also re-sell the loop on this website. 

ExclusiveI will create the loop according to your specifications, and will not re-sell on this website. You are free to do with the loop as you wish, as long as you do not re-sell the loop. Exclusive loops are absolutely NOT for resale.