Double Bass Trainer #1 - Complete Set (Best Value)

Double Bass Trainer #1 - Complete Set (Best Value)

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Easily the #1 question I get asked ALL THE TIME is this: What is the best way to practice double kick?

Now, there isn't one simple answer for this question. There are many approaches to take. My method has been used by many, many students over the years - some of which have gone on to become highly skilled, professional drummers. 

My method isn't complex - as Tony Robbins says, "complexity is the enemy of execution" and this is 100% THE TRUTH.

Instead of bombarding students with 100 different exercises to be practiced 1000 different ways, I believe in keeping it simple & measurable.

Quick Explainer Video:

This COMPLETE training pack contains:

The Beginner Pack

The Intermediate Pack

The Advanced Pack

The Extreme Pack

  • 160 total practice loops
  • divided into 4 unique compositions highlighting 4 specific practice patterns
  • each in 10 different tempos so you can slowly ramp up your practice and gauge your progress
  • basic notation for each practice pattern
  • progress sheet to be used for tracking your improvement


  1. Loop A
  2. Loop B
  3. Loop C
  4. Loop D


  1. 90 bpm - 285 bpm (in 5 bpm increments)


  • mp3 audio files
  • 2.3 GB .rar file (extract using most unzip applications or WinRAR)